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Discussion board diabled due to continued Spam issues. Will be replaced soon.


Due to the continuing high level of spam on the discussion board, I'm changed the system so that I must approve all new accounts. My apologies for any inconvenience.


Added proposed overview statement on international relations.


Due to high amount of spamming the discussion forums have been receiving relative to the amount of legitimate traffic, the number of forums have been reduced and the topics made more gene real.  Additional forums will be created as traffic or interest warrant.


Added proposed policy position on gun control and set up the corresponding discussion forum.


Added a special spam forum to discussion area.  Since most spam appears to be dumped into the first forum, this new forum should collect most of it.  People can then ignore that forum.  I will periodically empty it.


Restored and upgraded discussion forums.  They had been hacked but the upgrade should plug the security hold.  I don't think we lost any messages.

I've altered my policy so that I will now delete any messages I regard as spam and NOT move them to the Rejected Submissions forum.

Added proposed policy on Korea.


Added proposed policy position on Affirmative Action.


Announced a new policy of simply deleting spam or otherwise empty messages from the forums.  Messages with real content, but which I deem inappropriate for a moderate site, will continue to be moved to the special "Rejected Submissions" forum.


Added a list of other moderate sites to the main page. Also added a page containing annotations on the links.

Aborted an attempt to redesign the page using CSS instead of a table to control the layout.  Variations in CSS implementation in different browsers made it nearly impossible to achieve the properly layout consistently across browsers.

Instituted a policy of removing forum postings that contain links to inappropriate commercial sites.


Start working on changing the name from "American Moderate Party" to "American Moderate Movement".


Added proposed position on tax reform and related discussion forum.


Added proposed position of international trade and the related discussion forum.  Added a generic forum on foreign polity.


Added link to moderator's blog site.


Add proposed position on Gay Marriage/Civil Union. Should have the related discussion forum up in a day or two.


The AMM site is open for business. By creating a link to it, it is now findable by various search engines. At this point it consist of some statements on party philosophy, four initial policy proposals and a discussion forum.





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